Welcome to NRG Insurance!

We’re a Seattle-based, independent insurance brokerage specializing in auto, home and business insurance.

We have a long history of doing things differently and believe there are a lot of things the insurance industry could do to better serve customers. Contact us for a quote or to dialogue around your current coverage.



We help our clients navigate the complexities of the insurance business— from finding the insurance provider that offers the best coverage to making sure that claims get paid promptly.

We have the expertise to handle Auto and Homeowners insurance, as well as, Business insurance coverage for a wide range of industry types and sizes. As independent insurance brokers, we have access to, and leverage with, a broad range of companies—who will end up competing for your business.

We work best with our clients that value our experience and advice and want to partner with a trusted advisor vs. paying someone to simply broker transactions. It is our business to get the best price and coverage combination for you, not only to fulfill our professional goals, but to keep your business. We always negotiate aggressively with all of our carriers—and we’re as delighted as you when we can deliver a well-priced product.

Our approach is simple. We talk with you—mostly listen. Then we analyze your needs, develop a risk profile, and recommend options, including—but not limited to—insurance. We say that we sell through education. Our best days are when a client or potential client says “I never knew that. Nobody has ever taken the time to explain that to me.”



1. We believe in doing a few things well vs. trying to be all things to all people.

That’s why we specialize in Personal and Business insurance. Looking for Life and Health Insurance? We know some great people that we’d be happy to refer you to.

2. We believe that buying the cheapest insurance can be an incredibly costly decision.

Being underinsured risks everything. Not just your business, equipment, and your house, but your children’s well-being and your permanent peace of mind. Being over-insured is a bad idea, too. It locks up money you could spend in much better ways.

That’s why we insist on meeting with new clients face-to-face—to make sure we understand your needs so well we can find coverage that’s a perfect fit.

3. We believe insurance brokers should be more than just salespeople.

That’s why we don’t just sell you insurance—we advise you about how to navigate the incredibly complex insurance system, and we go to bat for you. Not just during times of crisis but for day-to-day needs as well.

We’ll wrestle with any insurance provider to see that you get everything you’re due, from getting coverage, to being sure your claims are paid, to reinstating cancelled policies.

4. We believe that if you wanted to become an expert in insurance, you wouldn’t be hiring us as your broker.

We get it. Not everyone loves insurance like we do. That’s why clients bring us in. We keep an eye on industry trends, read the fine print, negotiate the best deals, suggest innovative approaches—whatever it takes. And that’s why we communicate it all in plain English.

Meanwhile, you’ll be free to focus on the rest of your life.

5. We believe that one-size-fits all doesn’t fit anyone very well.

That’s why we’re an independent broker and not linked to a single provider. What that means for you is that we have access to virtually unlimited policies that we can bundle into a unique package that meets your needs for the best possible price.

6. We believe that complex topics can’t be reduced to simple formulas.

That’s why you won’t find rate calculators and other oversimplified tools on our website. That’s why we prefer conversations over complicated forms, and that’s why we interact with our clients face-to-face whenever possible.

7. We believe in preserving the environment.

That’s why we run our business according to the principles of the Triple Bottom Line. That’s why we became a certified B Corp. That’s why we were the first brokerage in the U.S. to go carbon-neutral. That’s why the EPA awarded us with the distinguished “Business in Green” award (now over 10 years ago!). And that’s also why you’ll spot Michelle (our President) driving an original SmartCar around town.

8. We believe in building local communities.

That’s why we’ve taught classes on entrepreneurship for the College Success Foundation and several local high schools. That’s why we donate to ArtsFund. That’s why we’re an active participant in the Washington Business Alliance. And that’s why we helped start both the Port of Seattle’s Working Wheels program and the Northgate Chamber.

9. We believe that work (even insurance…) should be a source of joy. And that happy people provide better service.

That’s why we offer flexible work hours and support telecommuting. That’s why we’re working with the Mayo Clinic on movement at work. That’s why we’ve received a spot on Washington’s Best Places to Work. That’s why we received the Sloan Award for Workplace Flexibility. That’s why we’ve got a gong in our lobby (seriously). And that’s why our experienced staff—who have plenty of other options—choose to stay here.



NRG’s unique approach to management ensures that every employee contributes, is valued, actually has some fun at work—and treats our clients’ interests with as much care as their own. This means that you can expect more from us than you might be used to: More initiative, fewer errors and remarkably better service.



If you’re a current client, or want to find out more about our business, call us! Any hour of the day, grab a phone and call. Dial 206.363.1110 and then press “1″ at the voice prompt if we are closed. One of us gets a call and we do our best to get back to you within an hour.

At NRG, unlike almost any other agency we can find, we don’t believe in delegating this responsibility.

Do we want to get out of a warm bed on a rainy night? You bet! Holidays and weekends? Absolutely! Got a problem? Bring it!

If your need can wait until regular business hours, please email or leave a voicemail message and we’ll call you first thing in the morning.

As part of our ongoing quest to increase productivity and reduce our carbon footprint, we’ve embarked on a grand experiment: As of January of 2012, the entire NRG organization is working remotely! Our new mailing address is:

P.O. Box 34628
Seattle, WA 98124-1628.

We continue to meet regularly as a team (both online and in-person), and we’ll always be available to meet in-person with you. Interested in learning more? You can follow our story on the NRG Facebook page.


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